Relocatable MRI + Support Unit

Lamboo Mobile Medical has delivered a Relocatable MRI + Support Unit to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Hospital. The Relocatable Unit is positioned at the main hospital building and connected with a corridor.

The Relocatble MRI + Support Unit is developed and engineered in close cooperation with both the Hospital and Philips. As all Lamboo solutions are client specific and tailor made the input of the Hospital is crucial and very valid. The proces is as following, first we receive the input from the Hospital and we prepare Lay Out proposals. Then we go together with the client step by step through the process until we have the final and approved Lay Out. Also on interior and colours the input of the Hopsital is important as the Unit needs to fit in the existing Hospital environment.

The Relocatble MRI with a length of 15,00 meters and a width of 4,20 meters gives an excellent comfort for both staff and patients. The Support Unit with a length of 10,00 meters and a width of 3,50 meters is connected to the MRI and consists out of:
• Waiting Area
• Changing Room
• Disbabled Toilet
• Canulation Room

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  • Aera MRI room
  • 1 disabeld toilet
  • Control room
  • Reception Aera
  • Waiting room
  • Technical room
  • Medical Gas room
  • Preparation Area
  • Chaning rooms
  • Reporting room

Relocatable MRI + Support Unit