Mobile Philips Cath-Lab trailer delivered to Inhealth

The existing trailer is completely rebuilt; an enormous project which allows Inhealth to make use of this trailer for another 5 to 7 years.

Lamboo Mobile Medical has delivered a full refurbished Cath-Lab unit to Inhealth.

Complete scope of works included:

  • Repaired all corrosion on Aluminium parts and panels
  • Renewed all electrical circuits
  • Installed new Philips Medical equipment
  • Installed new AC and HEPA filter system
  • New Hydraulic systems
  • Installed new shielding to comply with the latest regulations

All latest regulations are fulfilled such as Meagan electricity standards and a HEPA filter system which has 26 air changes per hour.

If you require more information on our Rufurbishment possibilities or other products please contact our team.