Modular Relocatable Siemens Cath-Lab has left our factory

Our valued customer Inhealth has taken ownership of a new relocatable Cath-Lab unit.

The latest technology in the market is used for this state of the art solution.
Inhealth will use the Relocatable Cath-Lab between different customers in the UK.

A unique layout is engineered and is custom built for Inhealth according the certification guidelines of Siemens.
All latest regulations are fulfilled such as Meagan electricity standards and a HEPA filter system which has up to 26 air changes per hour.

If you require more information on this Relocatable Siemens Cath-Lab Solution or other products please contact our team.

  • Cath-Lab: Siemens Artis Series
  • HEPA filter system
  • According the latest medical guidelines