Mobile Siemens MRI delivered in Australia

Lamboo Mobile Medical and Siemens have delivered a mobile MRI Unit in Melbourne, Australia.

The mobile MRI solution will be used for a hospital group between departments, providing MRI treatments in more locations and work more efficiently.


The lastest technology available in the market is used in this state of the art solution.

The Lamboo / Siemens solution will resist the Australian climate and can work fully indepent from any hospital site.

The turnkey solution can even work in rural areas where no electricity is available.


The Lamboo MRI unit is constructed out of high isolated sandwich panels which guarantee a higher image quality than Aluminium constructions,

If you require more information on this Mobile Siemens MRI Solution or other products please contact our team.


Publication date: 4-3-2013

  • MRI: Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza 1.5T
  • Operational without line power
  • Resistant against the high differences in temperature