World first mobile GE Innova 320 and relocatable GE 530 delivered

Lamboo Mobile Medical introduceas the 1st mobile cath-lab unit Innova GE 320 and relocatable 530 product launches.

GE has replaced their Cath-Lab series with new innovative product lines calles the Innova 320 and the Innova 530 which are now officially Lamboo global certified


The solution is built with environmental friendly features such as re-circulating climate systems in combination the latest Class 2 operation theatre climate systems are used in the Lamboo product.

An overpressure air system with adjustable air changes up to 26 per hour is installed with the latest H10 filtration systems.

The inside of the Cath-Lab room is engineered to fulfil the latest cleaning guidelines such as:

  • Clinical sinks
  • Medical gas installation
  • Catheter racks,
  • Lead shielding with lead windows
  • LED lights combined with ambient lighting
  • IPS systems

Date Published: 12-10-2016


  • Sufficient room to carry out operations
  • Class 2 operation climate system
  • H10 filtration
  • Environmental friendly features.
  • GE certified solution