Mobile Philips Ingenia 3T delivered to Cobalt Health

Lamboo Mobile Medical has delivered World’s 1st Mobile 3T Ingenia to Cobalt Health.

The lastest technology available in the market are used in this state of the art solution.
Unique features as fingerless RF door, advanced chiller systems and unique shielding integrated inside the Lamboo sandwich panel technology made it possible to realize this unique project.

After successfully completion of all new Philips certifications guidelines, Lamboo Mobile Medical is the 1st in the world to be authorized for the delivery of a Mobile Philips 1.5T and 3T Ingenia system.

Our respected partner Cobalt Health has challenged Lamboo to delivered an unique project which has besides the 3T MRI technology also the most green solution in the market.

If you require more information on this mobile Philips Ingenia solution or other products please contact our team.

Publication date: 10-12-2012

  • MRI: Philips Ingenia 3T
  • 3T mobile unit
  • Certified solution