Mobile GE MRI unit ready for Finland

Lamboo has manufactured a mobile GE MRI unit which has been prepared for the challenging Finnish climate.

Another Mobile GE MRI unit has left the factory. The MRI integrated in this unit is the GE Voyager MRI 1.5T. One of the most important requirements was that the unit needs to withstand the Finnish climate.

Lamboo has experience in delivering mobile medical units in Nordic conditions. Our engineering team has used this experience to create a tailor made package called the Lamboo Lapland Package.

The Lamboo Lapland Package focuses on two important factors: operational & comfort.


All vital components need to keep working during the harsh winter and summer conditions.

Different upgrades in insulation and have been installed to make sure the mobile unit is set up in no time.

Furthermore, this additional insulation will result in a steady internal climate which is essential for optimal image quality of the MRI.


Various upgrades have been included to keep the climate inside as steady as possible. Examples of this are an additional air curtain and acclimatisation space to ensure an efficient work flow for patient and personnel.

  • MRI Inside: GE Voyager 1.5T
  • Lamboo Lapland Package
  • Customized Layout