Lamboo Mobile Medical delivers the personal MRI for the National Guard (KSA)

Lamboo Mobile Medical has delivered the personal Mobile Siemens MAGNETOM Espree MRI for the King of Saudi Arabia.

The Lamboo Sandwich Panel Technology is superior in extreme weather conditions. Temparetaures of 60 degrees Celius are known is both in the KSA which won;t have an impact on the condition of the Siemens Espree MRI.

The Mobile Siemens Espree MRI will travel with the Royal Family in between the their Palaces and with other activities in the KSA.

Its an unique project which special features as medical gas systems on board of a Mobile MRI trailer, a complete virtual skyline inside the MRI room and a protection system against entering the MRI room with steel objects which can cause a serious potential danger.

To realize spacious MRI room the mobile MRI is buildĀ on a width of 3200mm and has a wide bore MRI inside.

If you like to receive more information on this special project please contact our sales team on: +31 79 363 8383 or

  • MRI: Siemens MAGNETOM Espree 1.5T
  • Full medical gas system on board
  • Extra wide body