Fairford Medical takes ownership of its Siemens reloc MRI unit

This unit is in compliance with the strictest safety protocols, resulting in superb multifunctionality.

This modular relocatable unit is the one of the best recent examples of how a unit is best prepared and manufactured in the most efficient way.


Firstly, all components and processes have been analyzed in order to compose a unit that at least meets, but hopefully exceeds the expectations of the customer.

Secondly, 3D impressions have been made to first show how this unit could be configured.

Thirdly, the manufacturing process has taken place according mutual agreed set up.

Finally, Fairford has approved the unit and has taken ownership of the reloc unit.

60 minutes fire cage design

Lamboo Mobile Medical’s fire cage design has been integrated into this unit. This unique innovative construction makes it one of the safest modular relocatable units in the field.

Patient Comforting Features

Fairfod has invested in making this unit very complete. Double changing rooms, Ferroguard system, medical gasses, skylight, wall pictures, all has been thought of.


  • MRI Inside: Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto Fit 1.5T
  • 60 minutes lamboo fire cage design
  • Various Patient Comforting Features inlcuding Ferroguard system