Double modular relocatable MRI unit for Inhealth

Lamboo has delivered a MRI department with Inhealth for the NHS hospital of Nottingham matching the corporate identity of Inhealth.

Lamboo Mobile Medical has delivered a total MRI unit department together with Inhealth to the NHS of Nottingham. The department will be positioned at the main hostpital building for a longer time period. inside and outside needed to match the corporate identity of the NHS hospital.

The solution is built with environmental friendly features such as re-circulating climate systems and LED ligting. For safety and comfort camera systems and patient safety systems are installed.

A custom made canopy protects to patients from all wheater circumstances during the visit of the relocatable MRI solution.

  • MRI: Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T
  • Tailor-made layout with sufficient rooms
  • Custom made canopy