Complete modular relocatable GE PET-CT delivered for Alliance Medical

Lamboo delivered a unique complete modular PET-CT facility to Alliance Medical in the UK. The Lamboo modular facility will support the nuclear department of the NHS Wigan Trust. The Lamboo modular solution consists of 3 units. The units are connected to each other to operate as 1 complete solution.

After entering the unit through the main entrance, patient can report to the reception desk and wait in the large waiting room. From here patient can enter the preparation rooms via a controlled access door system. In total 4 preparations rooms are situated in this area. This area furthermore has 2 toilets and staff accommodation.

Fro this area the PET-CT scan room can be reached. The scan room is equipped with a GE Healthcare PET-CT scanner (710). To optimize patient comfort the examination room is executed with ambience lighting and a large sky light. This unit furthermore is executed with a large control room and staff accommodation.

The comply with national RPA regulations the units are heavily lead shielded. BS and HTM requirements are integrated in the design and meet specific national requirements. The modular units are executed with 60 minutes fire rating cladding.

On a Sunday Lamboo positioned the unit on site to minimize disturbance at the hospital site. In 1 day Lamboo managed to deliver a turnkey solution ready to serve our customer.

  • PET-CT: GE Discovery 710
  • 3 modular relocatable units coupled as 1
  • Engineered and installed according British Standards
  • Engineered and installed in compliance with HBN and HTM requirements
  • 60 minutes certified fire rated panelling applied.