Best of both worlds: 2 Philips Ingenia units delivered for MIP

Lamboo Mobile Medical has delivered a new concept modular relocatable MRI and Mobile to (MIP) Medical Imaging Partnership.

Lamboo Mobile Medical has delivered a new concept relocatable MRI and Mobile to MIP.

Both solutions were delivered with Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI systems.


The mobile 1.5T Ingenia is a state of the art trailer with innovative Lamboo options as:

  • Hydraulic steered rear axle for maximum hospital access
  • Remote diagnostics on the Chiller system
  • Double pump and chiller system for maximum performance and minimum down time
  • Kevlar finish (non aluminium) against corrosion
  • Minim weigth in order to access smaller areas with small private clinics


The relocatable solution has many similar technologies but with other advantages such as;

  • Entrance on floor level without the need of stairs or lift
  • A wider unit for maximum comfort for staff and patient
  • A most cost efficient solution for longer contracts with hospitals.
  • Preparation for easy movement without needing expensive cranes


If you require more information on these MRI solutions or other products please contact our team.

  • MRI: Philips Ingenia 1.5T