Second series of mobile primary care units for Pakistan.


We are very proud to provide the second series of Mobile Primary Healthcare Units for the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Pakistan.

The first series has been proven to be successful and therefore we have been awarded to deliver additional units.

The units have the capabilities to be of service for the majority of the first needs in healthcare (examination, fluid sampling, X-ray etc.).

These units can be used remotely self-sustaining for up to a week.

Thanks to the optimal usage of space different persons can be treated at the same time.

These units are truly built to last and in our vision: making healthcare available worldwide.

(External livery is done locally)






  • High ground clearance chassis
  • Bigger generator tanks
  • Lamboo Sandwich walls for optimal insulation
  • Medical grade floor & interior
  • Various Examination & Staff facilities

Pakistan 1

Pakistan 2

Pakistan 3