1st Mobile GE 360 MRI for Brazil

Barretos / Lamboo has a project for a mobile GE MRI in Brazil.

The mobile 1.5T GE MRI will be used as a temporary solution for different hospitals.

The mobile MRI unit is flexible and will be used for:

  • Additional capacity at Hospitals
  • As interim solution if the hosipitals need to service or replace their own MR system
  • As PPP construction
  • Reducing waiting time and lists of patients
  • A high quality solution in Rural areas

In order to have full flexibility in complete Brazil, this trailers is equipped with an unique power system. All hospital sites with 220V and 380V, 60 hz can be served without any problems which makes this the perfect mobile MR solution.

During power problems or transport an automatic on-board generator will provide the right power to portect the MRI system. There is even a remote system included to monitor the performance of the trailer and MRI.

The mobile MRI trailer can be transported without the need of a license. The weights are well divided according the Brazil law and road regulations. BarretosLamboo unique sandwich panbel technology also protects the Mobile MRI against the temperature and Climate challenges inside the whole of Brazil. This new Mobile MRI solution will be available beginning January 2015.

If you require more information on this Mobile MRI Solution or other products please contact our team or visit our brazil site (www.barretoslamboo.com.br)

  • MRI: GE 360 1.5T
  • Ultimate flexibility relating power requirements
  • Adjusted for local roads & regulations