Modular Relocatable MRI

Lamboo Mobile Medical manufacture high quality modular relocatable MRI units. We work according to the latest medical planning guidelines of the OEM scanner supplier.

Lamboo Mobile Medical is a leading company in manufacturing modular relocatable MRI units. These units are manufactured & delivered as ‘turnkey’ solutions. Once delivered it can be operational in a matter of hours.

Key advantages 

Lamboo Mobile Medical manufactures its modular relocatable MRI units with a patented sandwich panel technology. The sandwich walls for the modular relocatable MRI can have up to 14 layers of materials integrated in one solid wall.

Lamboo Mobile Medical works with high quality suppliers who guarantee a worldwide network.

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  • Lamboo Sandwich Panel Technology
  • Custom RF cage design
  • Patient comforting features
  • High Quality Finishing
  • A-brand suppliers


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