Mobile PET-CT

Lamboo Mobile Medical manufactures mobile PET-CT units with our patented Lamboo sandwich panel construction. The mobile PET-CT units make use of robust high quality hydraulic slide outs.

Lamboo Mobile Medical is a market leader in the manufacturing of mobile and Modular PET-CT solutions.

Meets all strict regulations

Lamboo Mobile Medical is capable to design a custom-built solutions which meets the most strict local regulations. The Mobile PET-CT unit is engineered to protect the control room personnel from exposure to radiation, to have 1 or 2 injection rooms and a hot toilet for maximum patient through-put.

Lightweight Robust construction

Lamboo has used its rich experience in body building to create the most robust construction possible. This has resulted into slide outs that will work effortlessly in any climate and/or weather condition.

Using special manufacturing techniques, Lamboo Mobile Medical guarantees its customer a weight of less than 34 tons for the trailer. This weight allows the trailer to be driven almost anywhere in Europe / USA.

A precise PLC leveling system can be supplied for automatic levelling up to a tolerance of 0.15 degrees.

Track record

Lamboo has manufactured PET-CT units with all major OEMS.

For more information please contact our team to discuss the possibilities for your Mobile PET-CT request.

  • Lamboo Sandwich Panel Technology
  • Robust high quality hydraulic slide outs
  • Hydraulic floors
  • Light weight construction
  • High quality injection rooms & Hot toilets included


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