Mobile MRI

Lamboo Mobile Medical manufactures mobile MRI units with our patented Lamboo sandwich panel technology. The sandwich panel walls for a mobile MRI can have up to 14 layers of materials integrated in one solid wall.

Lamboo manufactures mobile MRI units according to the latest medical planning guides and is certified by various major medical equipment suppliers.

Thanks to continuous revison and innovation, the expected quality will be at least met and hopefully exceeded.

Temperature insensitive construction

By using our patented Lamboo sandwich panel technology, the mobile MRI unit can withstand all extreme temperatures in the world without affecting the medical images inside the unit.

Fully customizable

From beginning to end everyting is project specific configured, planned, manufactured and eventually realised.

Track Record

Lamboo has been manufacturing mobile MRI units with all major scanner OEMS for over 15 years.

For more information please contact our team to discuss your Mobile MRI request.

  • Lamboo Sandwich Panel Technology
  • Custom RF cage design
  • double changing room possible
  • Patient comforting features
  • Positive rear steered axle possibility to access small hospital sites


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