Mobile CT

Lamboo Mobile Medical manufactures mobile CT units with our patented Lamboo sandwich panel construction. The mobile CT units make use of robust high quality hydraulic slide outs.

Lamboo works according to the latest medical planning guides and is certified by various major medical OEM partners.
Thanks to continuous revison and innovation, the expected quality will be met and hopefully exceded.


The Lamboo Mobile Medical CT trailer is appreciated by our customers due to the incredible space around the CT scanner itself. This creates a pleasant working environment for the operators.

Direct acces patient lift

A lift with direct access into the scanning room offers the following advantages

  • Direct access to the CT equipment
  • Minimize temperature changes in the trailer
  • A closed control room for the doctors
  • A better patient flow
  • A larger and more convenient working area

Hydraulic floors

Through the use of hydraulic floors in the slide outs, operators do not need to prepare the floors manually. This makes the system more convenient, faster and compliant with all Health and Safety regulations.

Track record

Lamboo has manufactured CT trailers for all OEMs for 16, 64, 128  slice CT systems.

For more information please contact our team to discuss your Mobile CT request.

  • Lamboo Sandwich Panel Technology
  • Robust high quality hydraulic slide outs
  • Hydraulic floors
  • Direct access patient lift
  • Sufficient space


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