Production Partners

Lamboo Mobile medical has several production partners around the world.

North America

SVSR, Inc. has teamed with Lamboo Mobile Medical to dramatically improve operation and life cycle costs for mobile imaging in North America.
SVSR, Inc. builds upon an internationally proven patented panel system and modular design to deliver the next generation of mobile MRI to the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Key advantages – best of both world.

The trailers are engineered in Europe, but assembled in the USA with US service components only. Lamboo incorporates the greatest number of system certifications in the industry, including imaging products from OEMs like GE, Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba. The Lamboo-patented “Sandwich Panel” design coupled with the latest technologies delivers maximum performance in exceptional conditions, from -58°F/-50°C in Russia up to +149°F/+65°C in Saudi Arabia. Our heavy-duty design approach is lighter and more rigid than traditional mobile imaging options. It’s also backed by a five-year warranty.

For more information and possibilities, please contact our team or visit the SVSR, Inc. website.


Barretos Lamboo was born from a partnership of two great exponents, Lamboo Mobile Medical, a global company specializing in the engineering and construction of mobile units and healthcare solutions, and the Pio XII Foundation – Hospital do Câncer de Barretos, an institution recognized worldwide for excellence and humanization treatment, prevention and research in the oncology area.

Main Focus

Barretos Lamboo’s main focus is the development of mobile units for preventive exams, clinical and radiological diagnoses, mobile medical and dental offices, as well as blood collection units and other health related situations. In addition to the development of mobile solutions aimed at education: classroom, science laboratory, mobile school (food, automotive, refrigeration), mobile library, food truck, among others.


Location Assembly

The Barretos Lamboo Factory is located in Barretos, in the interior of São Paulo, next to the largest Cancer Hospital in Latin America.

It has a complete infrastructure for the assembly of mobile units for the various market needs within the current regulation (Resolution nº24 and NBR 6066) and complying with all quality control standards such as NBR Standards – INMETRO, ANVISA and CNEN.

For more information and possibilities, please contact our team or visit the Lamboo Barretos Website


Barretos Hospital, São Paulo

Mobile CT Unit

Mobile Gyncological / Mammography Unit