Hologic and Lamboo Mobile Medical have established a successful partnership which has resulted in the delivery of more than 100 mobile digital mammography trailers worldwide.


The Sandwich Panel Technology of Lamboo Mobile Medical protects the sensitive detector plate of the Digital Mammography equipment in all Climates during all circumstances and ensures maximum performance. Screening numbers of over 140 clients per day have been realized.

The technical projects with Hologic are focused on Mobile Mammography solutions.

Proven Technology

Proven Technology has resulted in an order of over 80 Mobile Lamboo/Hoologic digital Mammography trailers for the Ministry of Health in The Netherlands and Germany.


In 2012 Lamboo Mobile Medical has started to deliver the latest HOLOGIC Technology (the 3D Dimension) in our trailers for different customers.

More information

For more information please contact our team to discuss the possibilities for your Mobile Hologic request.

For more information about Hologic, visit their website.