Lamboo Mobile Medical imaging units are certified by and for Canon Medical Systems CTs

Rigorous testing & validation ensures confidence in Canon Medical Systems’ CT on Lamboo mobile imaging units

Crawley, United Kingdom, A thorough testing and validation process by Canon Medical has been undertaken to give confidence and certification to customers purchasing static or mobile Lamboo Mobile Medical imaging units featuring Aquilion Prime SP CT systems.

A number of lab and ‘on-the-road’ examinations put the Lamboo units through their paces with  Canon Medical’s CT on board. Vibration, deflection, gantry balance testing plus support legs, base plate and bracket assessments formed part of the robust validation. A detailed site planning manual was also developed to assure customers of the best value and specification requirements for successful return on their mobile imaging investment.

“The rigorous testing and accreditation process with Canon Medical’s Aquilion Prime SP CT is the first we’ve undertaken in Europe and will provide a blueprint for further CT systems to be verified in the future,” states Joost Jr Lamboo, Director at Lamboo Mobile Medical, an independent manufacturer of mobile medical solutions. “Knowing that medical imaging modalities have been tested thoroughly in-situ on our trailers means that our customers are assured of clinical confidence, even with high speed rotation, and that their patients experience the ultimate comfort during examinations.”

“Putting our CT imaging systems through their paces on board a mobile imaging unit is testimony to our quest for ultimate customer satisfaction,” states Alistair Howseman, Sales Director at Canon Medical Systems UK. “Mobile units are different to a fixed hospital or clinic location installation as there can be fluctuation in floor or structure movements when the equipment is in use. Ensuring that every element of the vibration, fixing mechanisms and balance is tested is vital to ensure that our customers have total confidence in the units they are buying to achieve clinical and operational goals.”

InHealth, the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions to the NHS and independent sector is the first customer to procure a number of Lamboo Mobile Medical trailers featuring approved Canon Medical’s Aquilion Prime SP CT systems.

Graham Ogden, Director of Operations at InHealth states, “InHealth was delighted to work so closely with Canon Medical and Lamboo to facilitate the accreditation process and to become the first diagnostic service provider to purchase these approved systems. Knowing that the Lamboo mobile units are built to an approved and consistent standard for our choice of Canon Medical’s CT systems provides total peace of mind. We are assured that our staff and patients will experience the highest standard of imaging, through the delivery of swift, comfortable and accurate scans; thereby ultimately improving the patient care pathway to facilitate early diagnosis or treatment planning.”

“Validation and accreditation of Canon Medical’s modality imaging devices on Lamboo Mobile Medical imaging units also includes certified refurbished CT systems from the Secondlife™ refurbishment program,” states Johan Vochteloo, Senior Manager Secondlife at Canon Medical Systems Europe. “This means that reliable pre-owned systems with advanced technology are also available as static or mobile imaging units, assuring that every budget level of our customers have been considered.”