Lamboo’s Fire Resistance

Lamboo, specialist in mobile medical solutions continuously reviews, improves and innovates where possible. Fire resistance has been lately a key issue in the manufacturing industry due to the recent events in London. Following the recent developments and requirements in the market, loose components accompanied with certificates are not sufficient anymore when it comes to fire resistance.

Lamboo therefore decided to focus on integrating fire resistance inside its own panels. A special R&D team has been set up to increase the fire resistance of our patented sandwich panels. Together with our trusted suppliers a new panel has been designed and tested.


First several calculations and simulations have been carried out at an international recognized fire certification company. It concluded the following:

“…that the fire resistance with regard to the separating function of the wall construction used in Lamboo unit is at least 60 minutes.”


After this process, multiple tests have been carried out. The result of these test were better than we anticipated.

After 2 full hours and 5 minutes (!) fire breached through our panel. With this we can conclude that our new patented Lamboo sandwich panel can withstand > 60 minutes of fire.

We can also safely say that the panel has successfully surpassed the 30 minutes HTM 05-02  fire resistance requirement and is compliant to BS476 Part 21:1987.

(Official reports upon request)

Started at 3 PM. Result after more than 2 hours