Modular relocatable medical units

The Lamboo modular relocatable medical units are purpose built for: specialized treatments, preventive treatments, primary care & disaster management.

Modular relocatable solutions are manufactured for customers who move their services to different locations less frequently than a mobile unit.

From basic to advanced

Our solutions go from very basic up to very advanced: from dental to MRI to complex Cath-Lab. Standard units can be easily moved by use of a crane. However, a complete hydraulic lifting system can also be integrated to enable switching from static to transport modes within 15 minutes without the use of a crane.

Our highly skilled engineering team will work together with you to create te requested mobile solution.

More than 60 years of gained experience will be integrated into the solutions.

Quick set-up time

The complete medical solution can be set up within a time frame of 2-3 hours.

Multiple units

Thanks to its modular design multiple units can be easily attached to eachother creating sufficient space to operate as a full self sustaining medical centre.

Manufactured according the latest standards

All essential components are designed, installed & manufactured according the latest EU / UK standards (British Standard, HBN/HTM compliant)

See on the right the advantages of a modular relocatable unit over a mobile unit.

  • Mainly used for MRI, (PET-)-CT, Cath-Lab.
  • More space than a mobile solution.
  • Having a solution at ground level (no patient lift needed).
  • Less initial costs than a mobile solution.
  • Multiple units can be attached to each other


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