Mobile medical units

The Lamboo Mobile Medical units are purpose built for: specialized treatments, preventive treatments, primary care & disaster management.

Lamboo mobile medical units are manufactured in a unique way. Thanks to our sandwich panel technology all required layers are integrated into the walls.

From basic to advanced

The mobile medical solutions can be used for a lot of different puposes: from dental to MRI to complex Cath-Lab.

More than 60 years of gained experience will be integrated into the solutions.


Furthermore, Lamboo only uses A-brand suppliers for all its components, interior and exterior.

Alltogether this results in mobile medical units which are not just an investment, but a return on investment.

  • Used for primary care up to complex mobile Cath-Lab
  • Ultimate flexibility to relocate as often as possble
  • More remote places can be reached
  • No permit needed for transport
  • Fully customizable


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