Lamboo Mobile MRI Unit in Bolivia by Resonandina

Lamboo Mobile Medical recently crossed a new border by delivering a mobile MRI unit to our valued customer Resonandina in La Paz, BoliviaThe full operational mobile MRI unit is the second MRI in La Paz and will pioneer its way through the region as the first mobile MRI unit. It will offer the services that are currently unavailable in El Alto; a city with over 1 million inhabitants. Starting at the Hospital Holandes the unit will visit multiple hospitals and cities at the "Altiplano"
of Bolivia to provide medical imaging.The main advantages of the mobile MRI unit will be put into practice here. Thanks to its flexibility, patients do not have to travel that far. Furthermore, the medical environment in the area will be strengthened with training, evaluation of treatment protocols and more "doctor-to-doctor" interactions. More than 3000 patients have already been scanned.

Lamboo Mobile Medical

Lamboo is proud to have provided Resonandina a new fully spec'd mobile MRI Unit that meets the latest medical standards. We are confident that our pantented medical sandwich panel structure and proven technology will quarantee optimal scanning results, even on these high altitudes and challenging climate changes. In this way Resonandina can ensure their standards to their customers.


Resonandina  's mission is to realize social responsible healthcare impact by offering flexibility, accessibility and quality in high-end diagnostic imaging. To serve 'on the spot' Resonandina has started local establishments in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Central America (Panama), Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and upcoming Peru. It is already finalizing contracts in Chile, Mexico and Brazil. Whether mobile or semi-mobile, combinations with adjacent services like transport and eventually third party medical- or operational services, Resonandina can provide the complete solution.

Resonandina's aim is to develop a positive impact on health in urban and remote areas in Latin America. Ultimately, Resonandina wants to become 'the' recognized provider in rental services of high-end mobile diagnostic imaging solutions.

Lamboo Mobile Medical will help Resonandina where possible to achieve its goals.

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