Lamboo Energy

With this new to the world project, Lamboo Energy proofs to be a reliable partner for your on/off shore container demand. In partnership with GE Oil & Gas a State of the Art product is introduced. A solution that can be transported via ship to reach any global location in the world. The ISO/Off shore certification in conformity with the most stringent regulation.

Lamboo engineering, production, and quality control:

Lamboo has an in-house engineering team to design every ISO/Offshore container from scratch. Characteristic are the maximum payload, loading space and strenght in order to ensure safe usage and wide applicability in both the offshore oil and gas, as the ofshore wind energy industry. Furthermore, our own quality inspectors.

Lamboo designs all products in conformity and according to ISO 9001.

Lamboo delivers first on/off shore CoreCAT  research container concept for GE Oil & Gas. Solutions consists of 4 dedicated containers each have a unique functional purpose.


Container 1:
Excuted an equipped with a heavy duty HVAV system

Container 2:
Excuted with slide out section and designed for the installation of a GE Speedscan box. Speedscan box equipped with a dedicated CT scanner for ground sample examination.

Container 3:
Includes the control panel for the Speedscan box of container 2. Additionally a workshop in positioned in the front for sample preparations. 

Container 4:
Includes a dedicated area for a GE Nanospectroscope

All units mounted on a dedicated  chassis. Containers interconnect with each other trough glass fibre cables and CAT 6 data lines. Units powe through a central power distribution panel. All units electrically in conformity with NEC and UL


Lamboo can deliver customized solution for the Oil & Gas industry meeting geographical requirements.

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