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Medical Partners

Lamboo Mobile Medical is certified by all OEM’s which makes our team unique partner for Hospitals, private clinics, and Governments. The customer can decide themselves which latest technology of which medical equipment is preferred in combination with the Lamboo product.

Why is this important?
All OEM’s have crucial certification guidelines which guarantee a maximum performance of the Medical equipment which must be realized in the total solution. Without the relevant certification, the functionality of the medical system can be at risk.

The second important reason is the serviceability of the Medical equipment. All employees of the OEM’s are trained to perform their service works on all their medical equipment. Lamboo complies to the technical guidelines of our partners to perform the needed service works inside the Lamboo Mobile and Modular solution.

  • GE Oil & Gas

    Lamboo Energy integrated their imaging experience into a new state of art revolutionary research solution to be used in the Oil & Gas segment. the GE CT equipment is integrated by Lamboo in a containerized on/off shore solution to perform research in the field and support a coat efficient oil...

  • Philips

    PHILIPS Medical Systems has delivered many prestigious projects with Lamboo Mobile Medical. All engineered and delivered solutions are using the Lamboo sandwich panel technology in order to be used worldwide.

  • Siemens

    Lamboo Mobile Medical has a long successful relationship with Siemens Medical Systems. Lamboo Mobile Medical is certified for all their Medical equipment and has build many Siemens Mobile and Modular systems for worldwide customers ranging from Europe up to Australia.

  • Toshiba

    Lamboo Mobile Medical is a certified partner of Toshiba. The Lamboo Sandwich Panel technology gives the Toshiba equipment a maximum performance in the Mobile and Modular configurations.

  • GE Healthcare

    Lamboo Mobile Medical and GE Healthcare have been certified partners for many years. The Lamboo Sandwich Panel Technology makes it possible to operate the full GE Healthcare product line in Lamboo Mobile and Modular solutions Worldwide.

  • Hologic

    HOLOGIC and Lamboo Mobile Medical have established a successful partnership which has resulted in the delivery of more than 100 Mobile digital Mammography trailer Worldwide.

  • Planmed

    Planmed and Lamboo Mobile Medical has been successful in the Dutch mammography market providing several units for different regions. Next to the Dutch market these can also be offered internationally.

  • IMS Giotto

    IMS Giotto is a specialized company in Digital Mammography screening who is active in many countries in the world. Together with Lamboo Mobile Medical their equipment is offered as a mobile mammography screening solution to their customers.

  • Oldelft

    Delft Imaging Systems is specialized in development, manufacture, sales, service and support of innovative diagnostic X-ray products, with particular reference to direct digital chest imaging solutions. The solutions of Delft Imaging Systems are suitable in Lamboo mobile Medical solutions.